CooperVision's recall of some lots of Avaira Toric contact lenses has been expanded to include limited lots of Avaira Sphere lenses as well. CooperVision identified certain lots of the spheric lenses that did not meet its updated quality requirements due to the level of a silicone oil residue. The Avaira Sphere model made up about 4 percent of CooperVision's total sales in 2011; the amount the company is recalling makes up less than 1 percent of the total annual revenues. The two recalled Avaira models are the only ones made by CooperVision makes that use silicone oil in the manufacturing process. The recalled spheric lenses will be replaced from the company's available inventory. The total cost of the recall is expected to be about $23.2 million; CVI's parent, Cooper Companies, already took $14.2 million as a charge in the fiscal third quarter, and will take the additional $9.0 million reserve as a charge in the fourth quarter. The company will discuss details in its earnings call on Dec. 8.