PAIR Eyewear, a U.S. brand with an online DTC business model, announced on April 1 that is has raised $12 million dollars in an investment round to finance its future development. Several private equity funds took part in the investment round, as well as other investors such as NFL player Christian McCaffrey and MasterClass’ CEO David Rogier. The company offers a range of customizable eyeglasses, for kids mostly, starting at $60 including prescription lenses, and regularly launches limited edition collections in partnership with brands like Marvel, Harry Potter and NBA teams. According to the company, its business has been growing by 30 percent each month since March last year when the founders, Sophia Endelstein and David Rogier, successfully participated in Shark Tank, a famous U.S. TV reality show for start-ups and entrepreneurs. A former product manager of Warby Parker also joined the team. PAIR Eyewear’s approach, with a sales pitch on their website that explains the expensiveness of children’s eyewear by “the domination of a single company that has been able to keep prices artificially high,” and  business model seem to be inspired by Warby Parker, although the start-up does not have any brick-and-mortar presence at this stage. PAIR Eyewear said that the newly raised funds will help the brand to expand its product lines and grow its teams across all departments.