During an official visit of representatives from the Île de France region to its lens laboratory near Paris last week, Krys, one of the leading French optical retailers, announced another investment plan for the extension and modernization of its Codir plant and logistics’ center. The company had already announced investments of €3.1 million in November last year, including a €600,000 subsidy from the region as part of a Covid-related industrial support program. With this initial plan, Krys had communicated its intention to relocate the annual production of 300,000 lenses from Asia to France, raising the output of its factory to 1.4 million pieces per year and recruiting 20 new employees. According to the new plan announced last week by Christophe Lallau, general manager of Codir, the company is now reportedly targeting an annual production of 1.8 million lenses, or 700,000 more than in 2019, and the creation of 50 new jobs before the end of 2023.