As part of its global strategy to expand its presence near research centers and growth markets, Zeiss announced this week the completion of its Zeiss Innovation Center, a new facility located in the San Francisco Bay area. The site will serve as an R&D, production, sales and customer service, bringing together hundreds of group employees and functions. The new site also includes demonstration centers showcasing Zeiss innovations and technologies to the public. The German group is investing $180 million in the site, which hosts the U.S. headquarters of Carl Zeiss Meditec, its ophtalmic equipment and microsurgery division. In line with the group’s sustainable policy, the Zeiss Innovation Center high-tech building is powered by solar energy and integrates other green technologies and equipments for indoor temperature regulation or rainwater collection for example.

The R&D research program will increasingly focus on digital solutions and scientific and industry partnerships across different disciplines and technologies, said Zeiss. In 2020, the group had already signed a multi-year partnership with Microsoft and also opened its Zeiss Innovation Hub in Karlsruhe, Germany.