CooperVision has been busy on the CSR front in the last week with the announcement of three partnerships, related to myopia and sustainability. As for the first, the company first communicated its agreement with the World Council of Optometry, an international non-profit organization promoting access to eye health and vision care throughout the world. The main purpose of this partnership is to establish an international standard of care to curb myopia progression through the creation of a multi-lingual myopia management information resource. Still on myopia, CooperVision committed to financially support the efforts of the American Academy of Ophtalmology for the next five years, helping to develop clinical and educational approaches for myopia management and to raise awareness on the increasing risks of high myopia for chidren. Lastly on the sustainability issue, the company announced a partnership with Plastic Bank, an organization that collects ocean plastic through local communities in Haiti, Brazil, Indonesia, the Philippines and Egypt, and reinjects it in the supply chain. CooperVision has agreed that, for every box of its clariti 1 day contact lenses sold in the U.S., it would fund the collection, processing and reuse of plastic waste equivalent to the total weight of plastic of a clariti 1 day box, making it plastic neutral. The program is planned to be rolled out in other countries by the end of the year.