Essilor has established a three-year partnership with Tencent of Shenzhen, China, to publicize corrective vision. According to Essilor’s press release, somewhat less than half of the people in China’s vast population have impaired vision and are largely unaware of both the problem and the solutions. In addition, says Essilor, the country does not enforce standards in the eyecare industry. This is not Essilor’s first such effort. For example, in 2018, as we reported at the time, Essilor undertook a program in China, India and other countries to encourage young eyecare specialists to set up shop in rural areas and become “Eye Mitras” (friends of the eye), detecting vision problems and distributing cheap glasses. In the present case Tencent will be spreading Essilor’s educational programs through QQ, its messaging service turned portal, and Weixin, its messaging, social-media and mobile-payment app, also known as WeChat. Tencent is also the co-founder of WeBank, which operates exclusively online and with the aid of computerized facial recognition.