Marchon announced that it will be the first eyewear company to produce frames using Acetate Renew, a sustainable material produced by the American specialty chemical company Eastman.

Unlike other sustainable alternatives, Acetate Renew is indistinguishable from classic acetate, according to Marchon. It plans to start producing acetate sunglasses and ophthalmic frames using Eastman’s acetate from next year both for its proprietary and licensed brands frames. The acetate will be applied to premium, lifestyle and performance brands.

The U.S. eyewear company stressed that the partnership with Eastman will enable it to significantly reduce waste and greenhouse gas emissions without compromising on the quality of frames. Acetate Renew is a cellulose diacetate composed of 60 percent biobased and 40 percent certified recycled content.

Eastman is capable of recycling some of the most complex plastic waste, including non-polyester plastics and mixed plastics that cannot be reused with conventional recycling technologies. Marchon added that the scrap derived from the manufacturing of acetate frames can be diverted from landfills and used to produce new acetate. It noted that typically 80 percent of material used in sheet acetate frame production is scrap, which can be recycled by Eastman.

The recovered scrap will be recycled through Eastman’s carbon renewal process, which breaks it down into its molecular building blocks that are in turn used to create new acetate.

Marchon’s brand portfolio contains: Calvin Klein, Chloé, Columbia, Diane von Furstenberg, DKNY, Donna Karan, Dragon, Flexon, Karl Lagerfeld, Lacoste, Lanvin, Liu Jo, Longchamp, Marchon NYC, Marni, MCM, Nautica, Nike, Nine West, Pure, Salvatore Ferragamo, Skaga and Victoria Beckham.

Marchon distributes its products through a network of subsidiaries and distributors, serving over 80,000 accounts in more than 100 countries