With the support of Americares and RestoringVision, each of which is donating $250,000, National Vision Holdings will be conducting a two-year campaign to provide eyeglasses free of charge – through its charity, 20/20 Quest – to poor, uninsured or underinsured people in the U.S. Motivating the initiative is a report, titled “Vision beyond 2020,” from the Lancet Global Health Commission on Global Eye Health, suggesting, in National Vision’s words, that “improving eye health contributes to reducing poverty, improving work productivity, general and mental health, and education and equity.” Americares and RestoringVision are both charities, the former focused on general health in the U.S., the latter on vision care worldwide. National Vision Holdings is an optical retail company in the U.S. with about 1,200 stores in 44 states; Washington, D.C.; and Puerto Rico.