The Vision Council just released the results of its first Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) report, based on a survey among its members at the end of last year, for which the organization received a total of 1,527 responses. All survey participants were based in the U.S., with retailers and industry suppliers accounting for more than 70 percent of these. The research focuses on five topic areas for each organization or company including DEI commitment, the feelings of affinity, the inclusive culture, the equity and rewards’ policies as perceived by staff and management.

For industry suppliers, the association found that 56 percent of all respondents in this segment considered that promotion decisions were taken in an equitable manner, while 92 percent of senior managers in these companies said that DEI improvements were a high priority.

According to the Vision Council, the corporate and eyecare retail segment provided some of the lowest scores in terms of equity and inclusion. For example, 46 percent of respondents in this segment feel that their ideas are taken into account in the decision process, while that same figure stands at 64 percent for all participants to the survey.

The report also revealed a difference in the management and staff perception of DEI policies in the independent eyecare and retail segment. While 88 percent of independent business owners and senior managers feel they are committed to DEI, this is acknowledged by 75 percent of the staff.

The highest feeling of “belonging”, i.e. the affinity felt by a person for the organization he or she is working at, was reported in the Industry Groups category which include buying groups, trade media and non-profit organizations. In this segment, 81 percent of respondents felt that they were comfortable “bringing their authentic whole self” to their workplace. However, if 73 percent of men felt that individual performance was fairly recognized in their organization, only 49 percent of women shared that feeling.

The full report is available on The Vision Council website. The industry association said that a specific task force will issue DEI recommendations in the coming months based on the report’s findings.