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    Italian exports down 26% in 2020


    The Covid-19 pandemic put the Italian eyewear industry back seven years, as 2020 production and exports’ values dropped back to 2013 levels, according to data presented yesterday by Giovanni Vitaloni , president of ANFAO , the Italian industry association, and the MIDO trade show. Commenting on ...

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    Essilor sees growth opportunities in Russia


    The Covid-19 pandemic has hit the Russian eyewear market hard, but the long-term outlook remains mostly bright, said Vadim Korol , chairman of Essilor Russia , in the Russian magazine Invest Forsait at the end of Apri l. Last year has been marked with a slump in sales ...

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    New results of large-scale research on children myopia in France


    KRYS GROUP , a leader in the French optical retail sector, and the Poitiers university hospital, started in 2013 a large-scale research on the progression of myopia among French children aged between 4 and 17 years old. The latest results of this ongoing research, which was based on data collected ...

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    ZVA sees German market down 7.4 percent last year


    Like for most other business sectors, 2020 turned to be a difficult year for the ophthalmic optics market, as shown by the latest figures published by the Zentralverband der Augenoptiker und Optometristen ( ZVA ), the German association of opticians and optometrists. Overall, the German eyewear sector faced a ...

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    The Vision Council reports signs of recovery in the U.S. market


    The U.S. vision care market declined by 17.4 percent year-on-year to $36.05 billion at retail between December 2019 and December 2020, according to The Vision Council that just published its quarterly VisionWatch report for last year’s Q4. The market started to recover at the end of the year ...

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    Eyewear industry stock prices up 10% in Q1


    Following the publication for the first time of our industry stock market capitalization at the start of the year, we are providing here a quarterly update for the evolution of the stock price of 19 stock listed companies operating in our core market, showing its evolution between Jan. 1 ...

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    Alcon CEO expects a market recovery before year end


    In an interview with Vision Monday , David Endicott , CEO of Alcon , said that the market for contact lenses had grown by 9 percent in the U.S. in last year’s fourth quarter while the European and Asia-Pacific markets were still declining by 6 percent and more than 10 ...

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    Japanese optometrists get the highest salaries


    Compiling data from several web sources, Lenstore , a U.K.-based online retailer of contact lenses, calculated that the average annual salary for an optometrist was the highest in Japan, with £98,252 (€114,093-$135,823) per year. In second and third positions came Denmark and the U.S. with £97,066 (€112,711-$134,178) and £95,768 (€111,204-$132,387) ...

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    French social security expects more impact from its eyecare reform in the future


    In a roundtable with a French journalists’ association last week, Frank von Lennep , the country’s social security director said that 14 percent of eyeglasses’ frames and 12 percent of corrective lenses sold had been picked from the Class A products’ list since the implementation of the 100% Santé healthcare ...

  • A Comparison of European Contact Lens and Lens Care Markets in 2020 (5)
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    A Comparison of European Contact Lens and Lens Care Markets in 2020

    A Comparison of European Contact Lens and Lens Care Markets in 2020

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    The European soft contact lenses’ market decreased by 9% last year


    The European wholesale market for soft contact lenses decreased by 9.1 percent year-on-year to €1,376 million in 2020 according to data collected in 13 countries by Euromcontact , the European federation of national associations and international contact lenses manufacturers. The countries included in this research are: Belgium, Luxemburg, Denmark, France, ...

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    German suppliers saw their sales drop 9.5% last year


    The Covid-19 pandemic put a brutal end to a decade of steady growth for the German eyewear industry, according to a new report by Spectaris , the national trade association. After a record sales’ increase of 5.4 percent in 2019, revenues of German suppliers of optical products dropped by 9.5 ...

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    French ready to raise their eyewear budget


    88 percent of French consumers plan to maintain or raise their budget for their next purchase of prescription eyewear, according to the results of a new survey by Opinion Way , a research company commissioned by Gifo , the French eyewear industry association, and the Silmo trade show. This ...

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    Italian fashion industry seen rising by 10% in 2021


    Revenues of the Italian fashion industry fell by about 23 percent in 2020 due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and are not expected to return to pre-crisis levels before 2023, according to the investment bank Mediobanca . This year, the sector’s sales are expected to rise by ...

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    France and Germany fared better than Italy and Spain last year


    In an online presentation to the members of Club Inter-Optiques , a French eyewear professionals’ association, GFK announced the results of its annual research on the optical market in France and four other European countries for 2020. The company’s results are based on sell-out data from a representative panel ...

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    GFK estimates French market fell by 11% in 2020


    GFK provided the Club Inter-Optiques ’ conference participants with more detailed figures on the French optical market, giving it a value of €5.9 billion in 2020, representing a 10.7 percent year-on-year decline as mentioned in the previous article. In volume, the company estimates that 1.3 million fewer corrective eyeglasses ...

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    French pay 7% more from their own pocket for eyeglasses


    Carte Blanche , the French healthcare organization, has analyzed two million purchases by French consumers in 2020 and the related social security and private insurance refunds in the optical and dental sectors in order to assess the consequences of the healthcare reform introduced on Jan. 1 last year. Called ...

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    Digital natives are the most frequent cross-border e-commerce shoppers


    A recent survey by eShopWorld , a privately held Irish company headquartered in Dublin with offices around the globe that provides a technology platform for brands and retailers looking to sell online to global markets, found out that younger, digitally native consumers aged 25 to 34 are the group that ...

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    Germans’ willingness to buy is in “freefall”


    The propensity to buy of German consumers is “in freefall,” according to the think tank GfK . Hit by strict Covid-19 related lockdowns, consumer confidence in Germany is seen falling to -15.6 in February from -7.5 in January, which was revised from an original reading of -7.3. “The ...

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    Eyewear industry stocks grew by 6% in 2020


    We are publishing here for the first time our ranking of the main stock-listed eyewear industry companies, based on their stock market capitalization in euros at the end of 2020. The corresponding table also shows the change in market value from the previous year, both in local currency and euros. ...