88 percent of French consumers plan to maintain or raise their budget for their next purchase of prescription eyewear, according to the results of a new survey by Opinion Way, a research company commissioned by Gifo, the French eyewear industry association, and the Silmo trade show. This result represents a 6 percentage point hike from the previous poll in June last year, and a positive sign for the industry at a time when refund conditions for eyeglasses’ purchases have been tightened and consumers have to spend more from their own pockets. Budgets for the purchase of sunglasses is also maintained or increased for 85 percent of the 1,508 surveyed consumers, 5 percentage points higher than last year, while the same figures stand at 75 percent and 7 percentage points for contact lenses.

Among the reasons given for higher spends on eyecare, about one third of poll participants mentioned an increase in screens’ usage and the will to focus on essential purchases as they became more health-conscious because of the Covid-19 crisis. These evolutions are reflected in their buying criteria with 74 percent of participants saying they will favor innovative products that enhance visual comfort, a 4 percentage point improvement from June 2020. 77 percent also replied that they would like to buy products made in France, and 72 percent that they would choose their frame based on aesthetic criteria.

Only 5 percent of survey respondents said that they plan to purchase their next pair of presctiption glasses online while that same ratio was calculated at 11 percent for contact lenses. Overall, 6 percent of surveyed consumers declared that they would buy their next optical product online, one percentage point lower than last year. However, for the large majority prefering a visit to an actual optical shop, 42 percent mentioned that they would first select it on internet. 75 percent of them said that they would particularly pay attention to the implementation of strict sanitary measures while choosing their optician.