Dave Plevyak, a longtime executive at VSP Global, has been picked to lead a new online optical initiative of the company. As vice president for business development for the initiative, Plevyak will oversee an internal task force that will explore solutions to help independent eye care professionals compete with the growing online market. The task force has been working for several months already, and should have some suggestions early this year. The goals of the new groups are to help steer money spent online back to private practices, to bring patients who prefer shopping online back to private practices, and to reach new patients who are shopping online and bring them to brick-and-mortar offices. VSP noted that the 2009 figures from the Vision Council's VisionWatch Internet Influence Report shows that online purchases of eyeglasses jumped by 300 percent from 2007. Plevyak has been with VSP for almost 20 years. He was the leader of the corporate development team with the company bought Marchon Eyewear and eight other companies in 2008.