De Rigo Group said in a recent statement that its operating profit rose by 54.2 percent to €36.4 million in 2006. Net profit jumped by 103 percent to €24.4 million. The gross operating margin (EBITDA) increased by 32.4 percent to €63.4 million, and represented 11.4 percent of turnover, versus 9.5 percent in the year-ago period. As previously reported, De Rigo's turnover grew by 10.5 percent to €627.8 million for the year, including sales from franchises, thanks to new store openings and successful advertising campaigns. On a consolidated basis, net sales were up by 10.4 percent to €558.4 million, with increases of 20.2 percent to €406.8 million in manufacturing and wholesale, and of 6.7 percent to €381.3 million at retail. The revenues of licensees and franchisees grew by 13.2 percent to €85.8 million.