After setting up its own sales subsidiaries in Korea, Croatia and Brazil, the Italian group has decided to open one in Portugal, a country in which De Rigo felt under-represented as compared to the position it enjoys in other European markets. The goal is to double its sales in the country to reach an annual level of €12 million in three years' time.

In Korea, a country which has the same population of Portugal and 3.7 times lower sales per capita, De Rigo has already reached annual revenues of more than €30 million through its successful local distributor, Sewon. De Rigo recently acquired a financial stake in the Korean distribution company. Some 10 years ago the company began investing in Korea, with a program to study the physical characteristics of Koreans to develop specific eyewear models for the Korean market. De Rigo has thus carved itself a niche as a leading supplier of sunglasses to Korea. A few years ago it was practically unheard of for Koreans to wear sunglasses, but at least in part thanks to De Rigo's initiative its well-known brands have apparently become status symbols.