Decathlon, the well-known sporting goods retail chain, is one of a number of retailers being reportedly accused of selling eyewear illegally in Italy. Two do-it-yourself chains, Bricoman and Leroy Merlin, are among the other culprits, along with a Danish chain of variety stores, Tiger. The eyewear models in question are sports glasses with prescription lenses that require the presence of a qualified optician at the point of sale. The head of the Italian Federation of professional opticians and optometrists (FOOP), Marta Alunno, was informed about the problem by messages posted on the social networks, and after verification of the facts, she put in a formal complaint. Tiger's Italian subsidiary, Tiger Italy 2, has confirmed to Federottica, the Italian federation of opticians, that it has withdrawn models with corrective lenses for myopia, which require the presence of an optician at the point of sale in Italy. The chain claims that the problem arose because of an error in the order books for its Italian stores, and says that it is prepared to refund buyers for the incriminated items.