Dieter Wolff, a 46-year-old executive who was lately in charge of marketing and European sales for the eyewear division of Carl Zeiss, died tragically along with all the 6 other persons on board of a sightseeing helicopter that crashed against a rock in the Grand Canyon, while visiting it just after his participation in the Vision Expo West fair in Las Vegas last month. Zeiss has not yet appointed a successor for Wolff, a highly respected figure in the German optical industry who has served among other things in its association, Spectaris, representing it in EUROM and ISO meetings. He started off at Rupp + Hubrach and joined Zeiss in 1999. Meanwhile, Zeiss has announced its intention to eliminate up to 300 more jobs by September of 2004 in its eyewear division, which had already been trimmed to about 1,500 persons recently. Motivated by the weak market and by strong price competition, made worse by the planned German public health reform, the layoffs will take place in all the segments of the organization.