Ditto, the U.S.-based supplier of Virtual Try-On (VTO) solutions, is launching TruePD, a new tool that calculates the pupillary distance (PD), a key information for online retail of prescription eyewear. The company’s product is said to provide PD information with a margin of error of 1 millimeter in the large majority of cases. Like with other existing systems, TruePD is based on depth-camera measurements and is asking customers to place a credit card on their forehead during their face scan for scaling purposes. The solution, which took two years to develop, is integrated into Ditto’s main VTO system. According to the company’s online presentation, and based on its own data, e-commerce conversion rates are relatively low in the eyewear sector and greatly depend on the price of the purchased equipment. Average conversion rates go from 4 percent for $50 eyeglasses to 1 percent for $250 eyeglasses while they go from 5 percent for $50 eyeglasses to 2 percent for $250 eyeglasses. Return rates, i.e. the percentage of products that are returned by customers, range from 15 percent for $50 prescription eyewear to 35 percent for eyeglasses with a price tag over $250. During the TruePD online presentation, Ditto also announced that it would enhance the quality of its VTO system’s images from standard definition to high definition starting next month, for both the wearer’s face and the virtual frames.