Doctolib, a private company operating an online platform for booking appointments with healthcare professionals, opened its service to opticians in France last month. In an interview with the French trade magazine L’OL MAG, the company said that the Covid-19 crisis boosted the request for online appointments’ bookings with opticians, mentioning that 235,000 people searched for this service on Google in last April. According to Doctolib, its website is used each month by 42 million French people on average. Roughly half of the country’s ophthalmologists, 2,700, as well as 1,000 optometrists are present on Doctolib’s website and 150 opticians already registered in June, agreeing on a monthly €199 fee for the service. Doctolib is also operating in Germany, where 400 ophthalmologists are subscribed, but the service has not been launched for opticians.