Razer Anzu Studio 1

Razer, an international brand of IT and lifestyle products for gamers and e-sports fans with 100 million users worldwide, is launching its first smart glasses this month. Called Razer Anzu, the new product combines Bluetooth functionalities with 35 percent blue light filtering lenses that can be easily replaced by a pair of polarized sunglass lenses also included in the product.

Omnidirectional microphone and speakers are integrated into the frame which also features a touch pad on the side to change music, play or pause media with more options available through specific IOS and Android applications. The Razer Anzu smart glasses come in two styles and sizes, and with a 5-hour autonomy after charge with a USB cable.They are available on the company’s website at $199.99 with an option to purchase replacement polarized sunglass lenses at $29.99.

For wearers needing eyesight corrective lenses, Razer has partnered with Lensabl, a U.S. online optical retailer that is offering Razer Anzu buyers a 15 percent discount on corrective lenses available on its website. Interested customers are first asked to choose their lenses based on their prescription on Lensabl’s website, before sending their smart glasses at no cost to the company, which will return them within two weeks, equipped with corrective lenses.

This service is currently only offered to U.S. customers by Lensabl, but a spokeperson for Razer said that the company was in the process of evaluating suitable partners in Europe for similar partnerships.