Safilo has launched a new B2B platform called You&Safilo and a new customer relationship management system with the support of the American software company Salesforce. The Italian eyewear company was also assisted by the web designer WIP Italia and by the consultancy group Accenture.

You&Safilo was first launched in Italy, France, Spain, Germany, the U.K. and Eastern Europe and is scheduled to go live in all remaining European countries by the end of the first quarter of 2021. The company does not yet have a timeframe for the deployment of the platform in the rest of the world.

Safilo claims that the the new platform simplifies ordering and after-sales management. It will complement the traditional sales team by allowing clients to manage reassortments autonomously, seven days a week. 

The B2B platform offers real-time information on the features and availability of Safilo’s products and will be continuously improved with new functionalities.