Ebony has launched a new eyewear range for the UK market called Arquo, which it has been selling in South Africa since January. Arquo is the brand owned and produced by the Foval factory in Italy, which produces frames for Dolce & Gabbana and Prada. Arquo's items are three-part frames, which ? according to Ebony ? are based on a new design system. The bridge is attached to the lenses, but the rest of the stainless steel frame is ?liberated? and stands apart from the lenses. Ebony reported an ?amazing? response for the Arquo range at Optrafair. Ebony, whose other brands are Ethix, Titao, Classix and Basix, made a turnover of £100,000 (€147,000-$197,000) in the UK in 2006, in addition to £1.1 million (€1.6m-$2.2m) in South Africa. It is aiming for an increase of 7-11 percent in 2007.