Eschenbach Optik is extending its range of low-vision aids through the addition of the visolux Digital HD, a new electronic reading device. The new device features a non-reflective 7-inch LCD display and the DLS function (Dynamic Line Scrolling), and offers a magnification range of 2 to 22x. The two scroll buttons on the top of the housing are said to allow the image section to be moved along the entire column width without the whole device having to be moved sideways. This magnifier can also be connected to the television via HDMI port, thus allowing the text or image to be increased further. The device comes with a 4 GB SD card already installed. It weighs 460g and a battery running time of 3.5 hours. The new visolux Digital HD, which follows on from the Smartlux Digital and Mobilux Digital Touch HD, was designed and developed in Germany.