Essilor has entered the Dow Jones Sustainability Index. The world's leading supplier of ophthalmic lenses  has also been chosen again by Forbes as one of the “Most Innovative Companies” for 2016. The French company is ranked this year 62nd on a list of 100. It's the sixth year in a row Essilor has been included in the prestigious list. Among optical companies, also in the Top 100 were Allergan, which ranked 63rd, and Luxottica, which ranked 78th. The “World's Most Innovative Companies” list is the result of an eight-year study carried out by Clayton M. Christensen, professor of disruptive innovation at Harvard Business School, in collaboration with Jeff Dyer, professor at Utah-based Brigham Young University, and Hal B. Gregersen, professor of leadership at Insead Business School. Each company is evaluated based on its “innovation premium,” a quantified metric that measures the premium that investors in the stock market give a company for expected or anticipated innovation.