Essilor International and the Wenzhou Medical University in China have joined forces to establish the Wenzhou Medical University-Essilor International Research Center (WEIRC), a research platform with a focus on myopia. As a first step, the platform will concentrate on myopia in children, and specifically on its etiology, epidemiology and the means to control its progression, mostly through the use of ophthalmic lenses. Research activities will be carried out at a dedicated facility in the Eye Hospital of Wenzhou Medical University, one of the leading research institutes in China for vision science and ophthalmology, located in the Zhejiang province. Essilor has been cooperating with the Wenzhou Medical University for more than ten years on various research projects. In recent years, the French group has also been cooperating with other Chinese universities and eye hospitals on a range of research projects, among which are the Joint Research Center created with the Shanghai University (SEJRDC) and the “REAP-Rural Education Action Project” with Stanford University, to study the link between visual correction and school performance in China.