Essilor, Lunettes de France and Pierre Kuhni Opticiens' stores in the Jura region in eastern France have joined forces to launch a four-week-long advertising campaign stressing that their products are made in France. The campaign runs through Dec. 12. Its aim is to encourage wearers and opticians to support French manufacturing of glasses and frames. The spectacle industry is reported to represent 2,300 jobs in the Jura and an annual turnover of €250 million in the region. Essilor is keen to emphasize that it produces 98 percent of its Varilux glasses in six manufacturing sites in France. Essilor says it employs 5,000 French people, representing a quarter of its total staff, and carries out 80 percent of its research and development in France too. Pierre Kuhni is running the campaign in its three stores in the Jura, where 80 percent of the stock comprises French frames that the sales teams are trained to offer first.