Essilor of America has announced that it is launching an app about eye health named AskAboutEyes. Nearly 40 percent of consumers reportedly search the web for information prior to visiting an eyecare practitioner (ECP), according to Essilor, although only 3.5 percent of eyewear is actually purchased online. Once launched, the AskAboutEyes app will help consumers find trustworthy information on individual issues or concerns about their eyes prior to visiting their ECP. To develop comprehensive content, Essilor partnered with, an independent resource providing consumers with up-to-date information on eye health. AskAboutEyes will be available as a smartphone app, and the identities of the consumer and the eyecare professional will not be revealed. Expected to launch later this year, the app will be available free to download on the App Store and Google Play. AskAboutEyes will be led by Dr. Paul Karpecki, an esteemed practitioner and opinion leader in medical optometry, who will manage a network of ECPs across the U.S. to ensure users are receiving precise and timely advice. Essilor will provide financial compensation to the practitioners based on the amount of time they spend answering consumer questions received via the app.