Essilor Sun Solution, the division of Essilor dedicated to sun plano lenses, has announced a new partnership with IED – Istituto Europeo di Design in Turin. The collaboration is aimed at financing a study of the development by IED students of a concept frame, a communication campaign and marketing tools based on E-Sun Kolor Up, a brand and technology of sun lenses developed by Essilor Sun Solution that is said to offer a refreshing perception of colors and improved vision. Compared to traditional sun lenses, this technology selectively modulates the light reaching the retina and the wavelengths of the primary colors received by the photoreceptors in the eyes. The first phase of the collaboration will involve IED students in their final year of studies for the jewelry and accessories design BA, which also covers eyewear design. During the second phase of the collaboration, the three best concept frames will turn into the specific projects of BA students in graphic design and advertising communication. The results of the collaboration will be unveiled in September 2017.