Etnia Barcelona, the Spanish eyewear brand, reached a total sales volume of 580,000 frames in 2013, representing an increase of 26 percent as compared to the previous year. The biggest increases in Europe in terms of volume were recorded in France, Germany, Italy and Spain. In France, the company sold 142,000 pieces, a growth of 26 percent as compared to 2013. In Germany, where it recorded a growth of 15 percent, 74,000 frames were sold in 2013. In Italy, Etnia Barcelona raised the number of frames sold by 11 percent to 60,000. The company also managed to raise its sales in the domestic Spanish market by 17 percent to 53,000 frames. Etnia said its sales rose by 25 percent last year in terms of value, but officials did not want to specify the amount. Sales in Dubai, Japan and Mexico, where Etnia started to sell in 2013 through distributors, contributed to the positive result.