Op Couture Brillen, the German company behind the Cazal brand, last month appointed Allan Rasmussen as its new product and design director in replacement of Katharina Schlager. Schlager, one of the founders of the Austrian brand Andy Wolf, had been in charge of Cazal’s collections since December 2019 and was co-managing the company together with CEO Klaus Lippert. She left Op Couture Brillen at the end of last year reportedly, but keeps collaborating with the company as an external consultant. A seasoned eyewear professional, Rasmussen started his career as an optician in Denmark in the early 90’s before moving on to ProDesign Denmark where he stayed for 18 years, first as international sales manager and then as brand and design manager. In 2017, he started working with Brando Eyewear as a consultant before being appointed chief product officer for Mondottica in Feb. 2019.