PPG Industries has sponsored a survey that found that consumers aren't entirely familiar with their options when it comes to choosing lenses for their eyewear. They know they want a combination of certain attributes, but aren't receiving sufficient information from their eye care professionals.

The problem is apparently increasing. In the survey, 84 percent of adult eyeglass wearers surveyed said they focused more attention on the frames of their glasses than on the lenses. That figure is up from a level of 78 percent detected in a similar 2007 survey.

Nearly 67 percent said they didn't know what material their lenses were made of; when asked to name various materials used to make lenses, the only three that were named frequently were glass, listed by 21 percent of the participants; plastic, by 18 percent; and polycarbonate, by 11 percent. Nonetheless, they want the best from their lenses, with 71 percent of them demanding the latest technology in lenses.

PPG has developed a Trivex material e-learning program for eye care professionals to help them educate their patients about the lens material.