Fedon, the world's leading producer of eyewear cases, has closed LT Production, the French factory that it bought when it acquired Génétier, now the group's sales subsidiary in France. The 30 employees of the French production company have all been offered jobs within the group, whose production facilities are outside France. The French satirical newspaper, Le Canard Enchaîné, reported with due irony that among the countries to which transfers were offered is Romania, where 5 jobs were proposed at a monthly salary of €90. When we spoke to the Italian group's management, we were told that the group had the option of offering alternative employment within the group, but was under no obligation to do so. Such employment could only be outside France, not only in Romania but also in Italy, where monthly salaries are over €1,000, and in Slovenia, where monthly rates range between €6-700. None of the 30 workers has accepted the transfer.