Revenues were down by 37.8 percent year-on-year to 10,303 million yen (€84.2m-$96.2m) in the third quarter ended on May 31 for JINS, the Japanese-based low-cost optical retail chain. The company, which was able to maintain a good momentum in the previous quarter, was more severely hit in the third quarter by the coronavirus crisis. It booked an operating loss of ¥588 million (€4.8m-$5.5m) for the quarter, versus a profit of ¥2,566 million a year earlier, and recorded an additional ¥1,200 million (€9.8m-$11.2m) extraordinary loss for fixed costs, salaries and rents mainly, related to the temporary store closures. Net loss stood at ¥2,078 million (€17.0m-$19.4m) for the quarter but at only ¥15 million (€0.12m-$0.14m) for the cumulated first three quarters of the financial year. JINS’ domestic business took the worst hit with a 43.8 percent drop in third-quarter sales to ¥7,588 million (€62.0m-$70.8m) in spite of a higher store count (409 doors or 34 more than the year before), as comparable store sales fell by 47.1 percent. Sales in the 200 international stores of the chain, mostly in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong, were down by 18.6 percent year-on-year to ¥2,446 million (€20.0m-$22.8m). The company forecasts revenues of ¥59,600 million (€486.8m-$556.4m) for the full fiscal year, a 3.8 percent decrease from 2019, with an operating profit of ¥5,000 million (€40.8m-$46.7m) and a net income of ¥734 million (€6.0m-$6.9m), down by 32.3 percent and 81.0 percent respectively.