Ocean Sunglasses, the Spanish brand that claims to be world leader in eyewear for water sports, expects sales to reach €2.5 million this year and €2.8 million in 2021.

The company achieves 30 percent of its revenues in France, which is its main market. The U.S. and Spain are jointly in second position, each representing 20 percent of revenues. The remainder of the European Union, Australia and Japan contribute for the rest of its revenues. The bulk of sales, 55 percent, is generated by fashion models. Technical eyewear for water sports amounts to 10 percent of sales and glasses for winter sports 15 percent. Thanks to e-commerce platforms such as Amazon and Privalia, Ocean Sunglases currently generates more sales online than through physical stores.

The company was created 16 years ago in San Sebastian by Iker Beistegui and Iulen Agirrebeña. It has a track record in launching new products, often diversifying into other products such as helmets or earphones and headphones, under the brand name Magnussen Audio, with models for water sports. In about three months, the company plans to launch a new environmentally-friendly sports brand called Eco On.