EyeConcept, the brand division of Hong Kong-based Arts Optical, has obtained the rights to extend its license for Fiorucci eyewear to Europe. It's a significant comeback for the brand, which has been described as the first Italian fashion brand to have signed an eyewear license back in 1978 with Metalflex, bringing color and other features typical of fashion accessories to a market that was rather uniform. The brand has been absent from the European eyewear market since 1988, except for a brief experience with another licensee that sold it mainly in the USA in the late 1990s.

EyeConcept started a 5-year license for Fiorucci eyewear in Asia, excluding Japan, in April 2003, and Fiorucci Design has been favorably impressed. The company is talking with partners for distribution of the line in its core markets and says it has ?options but no firm commitments? for other countries, including Italy.

Designed in Milan, the collection will be introduced at EyeConcept's booth at next May's MIDO fair after a launch event the day before the fair. EyeConcept anticipates finalizing its sales network at MIDO, starting with those markets in which Fiorucci already makes a certain fashion impact. The sunglasses will have a suggested retail price of €78-80.