FittingBox, the specialist in virtual try-on solutions for eyewear, and Fuel3D, which specializes in 3D capture and imaging, have announced a new collaboration, which is supposed to enhance the eyewear virtual try-on offering. FittingBox already offers the Owiz Mirror, an in-store virtual try-on product combining a digital camera and screen, which allows optometrists and opticians to provide an augmented reality try-on solution in their retail space. In order to replicate a 3D experience, the Owiz system uses a combination of 2D imaging and software. Fuel3D has now developed a 3D scanning enhancement for the Owiz system. The system is described as tracking head movements to offer customers a truly augmented reality of how they will look with a frame via dynamic on-screen video. The Fuel3D system collects a wide range of facial data, including the key measurements that are necessary to create frames.