Following on from its success in the UK, Hilco is looking for partnerships in other European countries such as Germany, Spain and Italy. Hilco made a turnover of over $60 million for the financial year of 2006, which ended on Dec. 31, and is aiming for a turnover of $66 million in 2007. It is launching flex titanium lightweight frames which ? according to Hilco ? are virtually indestructible. The frames, called ?Leader Flex', are being priced ?substantially lower? than other flex products on the UK market. Hilco is using this technology and spring-guard intelligence from safety frames to produce a children's product for 8-18 year-olds called ?Leader Max'. This children's frame has the same safety features as industrial safety eyewear, to protect them during playful activities while also offering comfort and durability, and a lightweight, wearable aesthetic. It will be launched in July/August in the USA and the UK and might be developed for adults if it proves popular.