Frédéric Pons, a former manager for Tag Heuer and Red Bull Racing eyewear, is launching Air_Art Eyewear, a brand of luxury glasses and sunglasses for men, inspired by the aeronautics world and technology. The frames incorporate high-end materials such as 21K gold, platinum, ruthenium, Italian acetate and the Diamondblack technology, which consists of coating metal parts with diamond and graphic particles. Air_Art Eyewear also integrates a mass distribution system on each temple that enables the adjustment of the frame to balance any difference in the weight of the lenses, preventing the glasses from sliding on the wearer's nose and therefore ensuring an optimal optical centering. Air_Art Eyewear has a technical partnership with Optiswiss, and the glasses are equipped with lenses provided by Dalloz. The collections are designed in Paris and produced in France by Cemo but very specific operations like the Diamondblack coating process are done in Switzerland by Ionbond, a specialist in technical coatings for the aerospace industry. The frames retail at the recommended price of €650 and come with a lifetime guarantee. The project is supported by France Active, an association of French entrepreneurs, and by the European Commission. The distribution of Air_Art Eyewear frames is currently starting in France and the company has already appointed master agents in Germany, Austria and the Benelux countries. Distribution in the Nordic countries is scheduled for the autumn.