Gaetano Sciuto leaves the Carl Zeiss Vision group to go to LVMH. Appointed managing director of Carl Zeiss Vision Sunlens in 2006 after 8 years with the former SOLA International, Sciuto has resigned to fill the position of division manager for licenses & accessories at Fendi, a member of the LVMH group. He had been dabbling in the fashion sector lately with the launch of a co-branding program with about 20 different fashion, luxury and sports brands. Industry insiders will recall the Zeiss fashion show that he organized during SILMO in Paris two years ago. Sciuto will hand over the management to Michele D'Adamo. Already an integral part of the former SOLA Sunlens company since 1996, D'Adamo has held many important positions over the years: from manufacturing manager of SOLA Sunlens Europe, to director of operations in 2000. D'Adamo, described as highly experienced and exceedingly professional, has greatly contributed to the growth of the company and defined its innovative approach to the market. Among his latest projects is the recent development and opening of a new Carl Zeiss Vision Sunlens production unit in the People's Republic of China.