Gerber Coburn, the ophthalmic lens processing unit of Gerber Scientific, has reported a 6.1 percent drop in revenues to $12.3 million for the fourth quarter ended April 30. The operating loss was $100,000, compared with operating income of $700,000 in the same period last year. For the full fiscal year, turnover for the segment fell by 14.0 percent to $46.1 million, and operating income declined by 26.5 percent to $2.5 million. Marc Giles, the chief executive of Gerber Scientific, noted that Gerber Coburn recently attended an industry conference and came away with more orders than it had in the last four conferences. Gerber Scientific's quarterly revenues rose by 13.7 percent to $121.2 million, and operating income turned around to $1.1 million after a $300,000 loss last year. For the full year, the company's turnover fell by 8.1 percent to $458.4 million, while the operating income rose by 10.4 percent to $7.4 million.