Gifo, the French optical industry association, has commissioned an independent report from Asterès, a French business consulting company, in order to measure the potential impact of the new healthcare reform (see Eyewear Intelligence Vol. 19 n°8+9) on the French optical sector. Among the numerous changes of the so-called “Reste à Charge 0 (RAC0)” plan, the reimbursement for an eyeglass frame will be capped at €100, versus €150 today. As reported by Acuité, Asterès built various scenarios by the percentage of wearers limiting their choice to frames under the €100 price tag. In the worst-case scenario, where 75 percent of French customers buy frames cheaper than €100, the consulting company predicts a 6.1 percent decrease in revenues at retail, with manufacturers of lenses and frames experiencing a drop in turnover of 9 to 10 percent. If only 25 percent of consumers choose the “RAC0” offer, retail revenues would go down by 1.8 percent and manufacturer revenues by 3 to 4 percent. GIFO further projects that, since more than 1,500 French opticians show an operating margin inferior to 5 percent, the retail market will consolidate further. According to a consumer survey by OpusLine and QualiQuanti, only 12 percent of French people said they would stay under the €100 cap when buying their frame, while 10 percent replied that they would choose a higher-end frame and pay the difference. However, 78 percent remain undecided.