, the American online eyewear retailer, plans to launch a 3D virtual try-on app that is supposed to generate an interactive photo-realistic image. For the past year it has been controlled by the same investors who own the 1-800 Contact e-commerce platform. Developed by 1-800 Contacts' founder and chief executive, Jonathan Coon, the new app uses facial mapping to produce a 180-degree view of the user's face, in 3D, to show how each pair of frames would fit. Once the face is mapped, the user can turn his or her head to see various views of the frames on his or her face, use the touchscreen of a tablet or smartphone to move or adjust the frame, try on different styles or colors, and compare frames by using side-by-side images. Sharing on social networks is possible and customers can save “favorites” for future purchases, which they can make via The new app will be available for the iPad in mid-May, to be followed by an iPhone version in mid-June. Versions for the Android operating platform are also being planned. Initially, the 3D try-on app will be used exclusively by