Back in 2008, Glorify Unbreakable caused a stir at the Opti show in Munich with prototypes of an unbreakable range of glasses. While the idea was engaging, it was quickly apparent to stand visitors that it was more of a concept than a product ripe for full serial production.

The inventor, Christopher Egger, returned to the drawing board in his hometown of Mayrhofen, Austria, to further refine the materials he used. While Unbreakables have since been produced using NBFX, a polymer that make them highly flexible and virtually indestructible in everyday use, a milestone was achieved in 2016 when the company produced prescription eyewear with all components, including the lenses, made from the patented technology.

Now with a mature product and having sold 350,000 pairs of glasses in the last five years, primarily in the Austrian and Swiss markets, Egger's wants to firmly position his brand in the premium segment of the European eyewear market. And in the manner of an innovator, he aims to achieve this through an appeal to “business rebels” willing to support a crowdfunding campaign.

For as little as €100, investors can buy a part of a small company that wants to take on the behemoths of the industry. On offer are a share of annual profits and a range of merchandising enticements. The company, which employs 30 people, had sales in 2017 of approximately €3.5 million. Egger's aim with this initiative is not only to raise capital for expansion, but also to create an “army of ambassadors” that will promote the Gloryfy Unbreakable brand name.