The combined sales of the 1,386 optical stores affiliated with Guildinvest under its own banners increased by 5.8 percent to €793 million, with 3.0 percent growth on a same-store basis. The banners are Krys, Lynx Optique, Vision Plus and Vision Originale in France, plus the Vision & Co. joint venture in Spain, whose banner has been adopted so far in 33 stores. In addition CDO, a subsidiary of Guildinvest that represents opticians trading under different banners, booked a 9 percent sales increase to €129 million.

These results give Guildinvest a 30 percent market share in optical retailing in France. They are better than those of the overall French market, which increased by only 2.1 percent in 2006, down from growth rates of 2.7 percent in 2005 and 3.5 percent in 2006.

In addition Entendre, a chain of hearing aid shops controlled by Guildinvest, generated a turnover of €67 million, up by11.6 percent or by 11.3 percent on a comparable basis. Overall, the stores owned by Guildinvest or affiliated with this the leading French retail group made a turnover of €860 million in 2006, up by 6.3 percent in absolute numbers and by 3.6 percent on a comparable basis.

In March, Guildinvest, which is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, counted a total of 3,399 retail outlets, only five of which are owned by its parent company, Guilde des Lunetiers. Of these, 1,613 fall under the group's banners. A further 1,786 are independent - 1,461 in the optical division and 325 in the audio division. The group opened a total of 319 new points of sale in 2006, of which 133 were opened under Guildinvest's banners and 186 were opened by CDO's members.

Optical sales were led by Krys, which has 844 retail points, and made sales of €597 million in 2006, taking up a market share of 15 percent. Sales were up by 5.2 percent or 2.6 percent on a same-store basis. Krys, whose tagline is «accessible beauty,» is launching its first line of organic glasses under its own private label, which aims to look natural and to be sold at accessible prices.

Vision Plus, which counts 311 stores, made a turnover of €83 million, up by 13.9 percent or 5.5 percent on a like-for-like basis. Lynx Optique, which has 134 retail outlets, recorded sales of €80 million, up by 3.4 percent or by 3.0 percent on a comparable basis. Lastly, Vision Originale, with 59 points of sale, generated sales totaling €31 million, up by 4.7 percent or 5.2 percent on a like-for-like basis.