Guildinvest, the French buying group comprising Krys, Lynx, Vision Plus, Vision Originale and Entendre, has opened a new headquarters of 2,200 square meters at Nanterre Préfecture, just north of Paris, in order to be nearer its clients and to house all the five companies under the same roof. In conjunction with the move, the French group is launching a big communication drive titled ?Regarder, Écouter, Vivre? ? meaning ?Look, Listen, Live?- to attract more opticians and entrepreneurs to join Guildinvest. The group currently controls an estimated 27 percent of France's optical retail market and 20 percent of its audio market through a total of 2,700 retail outlets in France and Belgium. These include Krys' 793 outlets (of which 29 are in Belgium), Vision Plus' 193 outlets, Lynx Optique's 128 outlets (16 of which are abroad) and Vision Originale's 51 outlets. So far this year, Krys has opened 34 new outlets, Vision Plus has opened 51 outlets, Lynx Optique, which the group acquired in 2003, has opened 13 new outlets and Vision Originale has opened two new outlets.