Hoet, an eyewear producer from Belgium, will be exhibiting at Opti in January, presenting new models from its Cabrio sunglasses collection and new accessories for optical stores, following a change in its distribution model. Hoet's business activities fall into three different categories: the Hoet collection of premium eyeglasses, which is very modern and priced between €690 and €1,500 a pair; its rather creative accessories and display stands for optical stores; and its collection of sunglasses, called Cabrio. Patrick Hoet designs the prescription frames for the brand, while Bieke Hoet, his daughter, designs and develops Cabrio sunglasses. Patrick Hoet is also co-founder of another eyewear brand, Theo, but he sold his share in the company some time ago. Nevertheless, he still designs glasses for the brand. The production of Hoet's eyeglasses is done in France and China. Hoet eyewear has only been sold directly to about 45 optical retailers at trade shows, without intermediaries, but this is going to change now. A new distribution contract for Cabrio sunglasses was signed with the Swiss company iBrands two month ago. Andreas Malathounis from iBrands will take care of the distribution in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Another new distribution contract was also signed two months ago with a Dutch company, Top Vision, which is now assuming worldwide distribution of the company's product line for optical stores, including accessories, mirrors and display stands.