Hoya Vision Care is making or planning to make significant new investments in Asia and elsewhere to support its growing business worldwide. It is opening a second ?super lab? in Thailand with a capacity of 400,000 lenses per month, mainly intended for the U.S. and European markets. The first one in Thailand was inaugurated at the end of 2004.

At the same time, Hoya is making plans to open a new plant in Vietnam with a capacity for 45-50 million semi-finished lenses per year. If approved by government authorities, this €85 million project should go on stream in the province of Binh Duong in 2011. The new investments are supposed to supplement existing facilities in China and Hungary.

While production capacities are being expanded at the Hungarian facility and in Poland, Hoya has commissioned the equipment for its first laboratory in India, which will be located in Mumbai. A second one is expected to follow in Delhi. Hoya had been supplying the promising Indian market from Malaysia.

Hoya is also upgrading some of its more sophisticated laboratories and adding new ones to respond to the growing demand for its advanced progressive lenses. New free-form surfacing equipment will be set up at its lab in Cleveland, Ohio, especially in view of the introduction of its new lower-priced line of ID Lifestyle lenses. Many of the needs of the U.S. market have been satisfied by Hoya's recently expanded laboratory in Müllheim, Germany.