During the last Mido fair in Milan, Hoya chose not to exhibit and to organize instead a big party for some 1,200 opticians from all over Italy to present three new high-tech tools on portable devices that it is introducing all over Europe.

The Hoya Vision Consultant Viewer is a system that allows the optician to simulate the addition of an anti-reflective coating or a polarizing film, the upgrading to a progressive lens with a particular design, or any other options through an augmented reality system embarked on an iPad. The application can be downloaded from the Apple Store for €99.99.

Opticians will also be able to use a new, less expensive and portable system to measure papillary distance and other parameters on an iPad, replacing or complementing its stationary Visureal column. The data can subsequently be transmitted online for the final order of the lenses.

The price of the related application is €249. The optician will also pay €1.99 per measurement, but after 600 measurements, the hardware and the software will be owned by the optician without any further charges.

Many opticians are interacting with Hoya in real time through the HoyaNet computer network, which also helps them to keep track of their monthly sales statistics and of the status of their orders. This application is now available also on an iPad or an iPhone.