Hoya Vision Care is introducing Hoya EyeGenius, a new high-precision system for the measurement and correction of fixation disparities in the case of heterophoria, an eye condition characterized by a failure of the visual axes to remain parallel. Hoya EyeGenius is said to calculate the ideal prismatic prescription for the correction of fixation disparity in less than ten minutes, and is allegedly the fastest measuring system of its kind on the market. No prisms are used during the measurement. The massive use of digital and multimedia devices typical of today's society is particularly demanding for binocular vision. Prolonged concentration on a computer screen and near-point visual activities on smartphones and tablets, as well as frequent focusing shifts between different distances, may lead to visual stress and eventually heterophoria and fixation disparity. Heterophoria is associated with various symptoms of visual stress such as headaches, dry eyes, neck tension and reading discomfort. Hoya EyeGenius was developed in cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland.