The Italian fashion brand is coming back to the eyewear market through a five-year licensing deal with Class Glassis, an Italian company created in 2011 by a former distributor of glasses to manage the eyewear license for another well-known Italian fashion brand, Marni, which was transferred to Marchon last year.

The former Allison had the Iceberg license before, but it terminated the agreement in 2015. Class Glassis signed the Iceberg license in June 2016 with Gilmar, the owner of the brand, to take the place of Marni. It waited for more than one year to restyle the product, which is very different from the previous collection. It was presented at the DaTE show in Florence a few days ago.

Owned by the Beccarini family, which had been previously a distributor of eyewear, Class Glassis also has a house brand of women's eyewear, Eclipse, which is doing well in the U.S.  It signed a deal with De Rigo last January to distribute its Lanvin line in Europe.

The company is projecting a 30 percent increase in total revenues to €1.5 million for this year.