All three main segments of the German buying cooperative's business ? central settlements, private label programs and the sale of advertising and promotion services ? contributed to raise IGA Optic's turnover by 17 percent last year to 86 million DM (e44m-$48m), generating a profit that is being redistributed among the retail members. Another factor was an increase in the number of affiliated shops from 410 to 450, of which more than 10 percent, mostly larger optical shops, were previously affiliated with Optic Aktuell, the German buying group that went bankrupt two years ago.

Only about 70 stores have adopted the IGA banner sofar, but their number is rising as is also the members' participation in numerous campaigns, such as one conducted last year around an exclusive line of magnetic sun clips. IGA proposes to its members a line of about 250 different frames, purchased at interesting conditions from a variety of suppliers. Its private Topal line of glasses is supplied since about one year by Hoya. IGA's line of contact lenses, named Cool, has done very well in the market since the buying group began sourcing it from Britain's Sauflon about half a year ago.